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Personal Information

Height: 5'8 Weight: 130 lbs. Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Dark Brown


Who the Bleep Did I Marry? Sherisse - Hurt wife (Supporting) Investigation Discovery (ID)

What History Forgot: Rebels With A Cause Sarah - Victim of racial injustice (Supporting) American Heroes Channel

Made In Chelsea Waitress (Supporting) Monkey Kingdom Television LLC

Feature Films

A Wound In Time Negra - Nurse with dark family secrets (Lead) Stephanie Wilson; Wilson Exclusive Talent

Meet Vanessa Vanessa - Thug avenging her mother's death (Lead) Albert Shivers; Shivering Fish Productions

The Forgotten Kingdom Marceline - Telepathic superhuman (Lead) Jamal Blair; Solo Lobo Productions

Oh Black Jesus Tammy - Devoted wife and mother (Supporting) Luqman-Ali Mujahid; Jazzy Underground Ent.

You Are Not Alone Adrian - No nonsense boss (Supporting) Stanley Bennett Clay

Income Tax Special agent in FBI Task Force (Supporting) Jeannot Sossou; Senewood Inc.

Gas Station Etiquette Rude customer (Supporting) Vincent Floyd Evermore; VFE Productions

The Culprit Reesa - Meteorogist (Supporting) Marlon Mark; Mar Mars Productions

A Book Ends Secretary (Supporting) Courtney Schultz

Terrible Two's Game player (Supporting) T. Romero; Gypsyboy Films

Zombies Anna Clarkson - Doctor in Control Center (Supporting) Inigo Bordiu & Fran Moreta; Sparkles Films

Short Films

The Bathroom Linda - Mysterious love interest (Lead) Manuel Arija

Li Ouanga Aurora - Priestess and leader of a tribal society (Lead) Albert Shivers; Shivering Fish Productions

The Lollipop Gang Glinda - The good witch (Lead) Charles Cohen; Mirror Pop Productions

Truth Candace - Agitated daughter (Lead) Marisol Garbutt; Mermaid Productions

Good Riddens Olivia Masterson - Slave in forbidden romance (Lead) Levay Nite; 48 Hour Film Festival

Ethics Committee Dr. Raleigh - Kidnapped scientist (Lead) Luke Bean

About Creatures and Creators Sabine - Loving mother (Lead) Luiza Prado

You Never Know Christie - Pregnant homemaker (Lead) Manava Niak

Public Display of Affection Kim - Girlfriend in intense romance (Lead) Chidiki Whitley; Akachi Pictures

Another Day Another Dollar Therapist - Inattentive shrink (Lead) Faulkner Allocco

That's Right Bartender - Short tempered bartender (Supporting) Rose Saldana

This One's For You Judge - Callous judge in music festival (Supporting) Gina Casazza; Warrior Pictures

The Gangs of Cornwall High Lisa Goldman - Fatal female (Supporting) Robert Lee; Brave Knight Productions

Coffee Debby - Jilted girlfriend (Supporting) Nicola Ciccarelli

East Side Gentrification Irene - Understanding friend (Supporting) Leroy "Charlie Brown" Garcia; LESFLO Prod.

Bang Taylor - Gregarious party guest (Supporting) Marisol Garbutt; Mermaid Productions

Web Episodes

Freedom: Episode 3 Victim of police brutality (Guest Star) Maurice Keyes; MRKQJ Productions

Genesis: The Lions Den Marceline - Telepathic superhuman (Guest Star) Jamal Blair; Solo Lobo Productions

Fail: Public Service Beautiful woman leered at while walking (Guest Star) Ryan LaDuc

Team Messenger Co-hostess in matchmaking series (Supporting) Soon Seo; Mirror Pop Productions

Starring Me Crazed Beyonce superfan (Supporting) Meital Sakat; MesS Productions

Music Videos

Harlem Fantasia Time traveler in Macy Chen's jazz music video (Lead) Ali Powell; Forty Thieves Productions

This Is What I'll Do For You News reporter in Sean Fury's music video (Lead) Nelson Molina; Level5Creations

Better Empowered woman in Anielle Reed's music video (Supporting) Valentin Farkasch; Twenty One Media

King Piranha DJ in J-Love and AG Da Coroner's music video (Supporting) Pierre Guillet; Affirmative Youth Productions


English Tutorial Video Provide information about NYC attractions (Lead) Daniel Song; Open Space Studios

Age Discrimination Video Snooty co-worker in business training vignette (Lead) Jonathan Cabrera; WeComply


Remorse Lamentations Wanda - Supernatural heaven & demon voices Vince Edgehill; Sniper Visions Productions


William Esper Studio Acting Intensive Progam - Deborah Jackel

William Esper Studio Voice and Speech Training - Patricia Fletcher

Duke University Majors - Cultural Anthropology & Religion Certificate - Markets & Management

Phillips Academy Andover

Special Skills

Easily directed. Improvisation. Comedic timing. Physical comedy. Impediments. Teleprompter. Green screen experience. Adept in facial expressions. Athleticism: Running, Swimming, Aerobics, Spinning, Kickboxing, Tae Bo, Ice skating, Rollerblading, Dancing, Softball, Jump roping, Yoga. Bowling. Billiards. Hula hooping. Waitress / Bartender experience. Excellent hands & feet. Model physique. Professionalism. Pleasant personality. Hard-working. Valid US Passport. Amazing penmanship.

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